Friday, Mar 31, 2023

Valentino's Menu

Mariscos - Seafood

Ceviche de Pescado    $13.95
Marinated fish
Ceviche de Camarón    $15.95
Marinated shrimp
Ceviche Mixto    $14.95
Marinated seafood
Leche de Tigre    $11.95
Sauteed beef with rice
Fried mixed seafood with yucca or plantain
Personal ..... $ 17.95
Regular....... $ 26.95
Familiar ..... $ 36.95
Pescado a lo Macho    $17.95
Seafood sauce served over fried fish
Arroz con Mariscos    $14.95
Salmón a lo Macho    $17.95
Seafood mixture served over fried salmón. White rice and golden potatoes on the side
Filete Frito    $14.95
Fillet with rice, your choice of salad and broiled potatoes or russian salad
Pescado Entero Frito    $16.95
Whole fish with rice, salad and broiled potatoes
Trucha Frita    $16.95
Fried Trout
Salmón a la Plancha    $14.95
Grilled Salmón w/steam vegetables and rice
Pescado Sudado    $16.95
Steamed fillet fish with special tomato and onion sauce, served with rice
Chicharrón de Pescado    $16.95
Deep fried fish
Calamar frito    $15.95
Fried calamari
Parihuela    $15.95
Seafood soup served with rice
Chupe de Camarón    $15.95
Shrimp soup with milk and rice

Music from Perú

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